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Just as the maturity comes from experience, Hotelstay has become what it is today with exceptional experience and ceaseless dedication. We believe that traveling is the essence of true happiness. For our well trained and passionate team it is always a pleasure to continue on doing what they love. Therefore our intention is to make sure you have the best travel solutions and best counselors working on your special journey.

Hotelstay has a keen eye and a sharp mind in creating the best tour options to meet both your entertainment and economical needs. Join with us and save your time, energy and valuable money with the best service in the field.

Why Us?

We make our tours under the supervision of best advisors and also provide you with the option of Bespoke and custom tours. Furthermore, the reason why we outstand the other components is that we offer the finest packages, best offers and blogs of the most wanted information about anything and everything in beautiful Sri Lanka

No matter the requirement. Starting from best luxury hotels to the most satisfactory tours, Hotelstay will reassure that you experience a perfectly planned journey to Sri Lanka without any lacking details but perfection.

Our Expertise

Incomparable Service

We are dedicated to provide our clients with the best quality service. Our services are provided as a 24/7 service for every traveler who visits through our site. There will not be any issue what so ever as you will be guided by us throughout the whole travelling experience. A friendly personal will always be ready to be at your service as it is our duty to provide you with the best.

Team with amazing ideas

With the corporation of a team of experienced and passionate travelers, we plan, execute and implement your trip as if we would plan our own. Feel free to leave the stress of planning your holiday with us. We believe that the planning of a trip should be as relaxing as the travelling itself. Choose from our carefully crafted bouquet of itineraries, which have been tried and tested by our clients. Allow us to turn your travel dreams into a splendid reality with our trademark brand of hospitality and flawless service.

Amazing tours

We provide detailed itineraries and every small detail of the tour before your arrival. The traveler will have a perfect idea on what he or she will be stepping into. Tours will be designed by expert tour operators and will surely maximize your travel experience. These tours are specifically designed according to the preference of our clients. Additionally you will always be provided with the opportunity of preparing customized tour packages as you prefer.

Impeccable Guides

From the starting point of your traveling experience till the end, you will be provided with a guide. He or she will be one of the best guides in Sri Lanka who has immaculate experiences in the field of travel. Proper steps will always be taken to keep you well protected and guided within a 24/7 service. As long as you are under the watch of hotelstay, there will be nothing for you to worry but to sit back and enjoy the ride of your precious vacation.

Mesmerizing places to stay

Winning hotels are a hallmark of HotelStay. We go to great lengths to find properties that are unique and luxurious. Think of them as the charming and intimate garnish stops of your trip. Best of all! We are friends with our hoteliers! Which means that you will be given preferential treatment. All hotels on the tours will be handpicked by us according to the client’s preference.