Top Travelling Tips you must know before you visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is lavished with romantic landscapes, governed by rising mountains, beautiful forests, and ocean like tanks and rivers, it was considered as the lost heaven by numerous globe trotters, who visited the nation. The shorelines of this paradise have been applauded for their brilliant postcard views. The hill country area of the island is loaded with pictures of mixing mountains covered with lavish green tea gardens, thundering waterfalls blending with the mists and scenes sparkling in daylight and vanishing under the rising fog.

Time you Land

From the time you land on the carpeted runways of Sri Lanka you feel the warmth of Mother Nature. Once the doors slid open at the international airport just outside Colombo (Katunayake), the airs of Sri Lanka would hit you along with the smiling and screaming faces of the taxi drivers, bustling noise of the shuttering doors, horns and the busy hectic life of the Airport. As soon you get to the main roads of Sri Lanka travelling towards Colombo , the bustling towns of Sri Lanka, you will get excited to experience a different culture and a new environment but as you move towards the rural areas of Sri Lanka, the feeling of calmness and coolness will make you relaxed.

Know before you go:

  1. Capital City
  2. Colombo.
  3. International Airport
  4. Bandaranaike International Airport.
  5. Whether Conditions in Sri Lanka
  6. Colombo and the coast lines temperature could go up 32oC, the hill country area temperature could stay around 16oC and the north central part of Sri Lanka temperature could hit up to 35oC.
  7. Transportation Methods
  8. Tuk Tuk, Buses, Train and Taxi cabs.
  9. Emergency Number
  10. dial 119.

The People in Sri Lanka

The people are filled with hospitality and their kind hearts will welcome you in to this island with great pleasure. Especially when moving towards the rural parts of Sri Lanka you will get a difference, the behavior, the innocence in their hearts can be seen from their faces. Hence it is not a worrying factor unless you are in the main cities where thieves can be found very much like in many countries of the world.

Sri Lanka Travel Costs & Prices

  • Price of a taxi car from the airport to Colombo:
  • 2500 Sri Lankan Rupees.
    (Call – 2 588 588).
  • Regular cost for breakfast:
  • 400 – 500 Sri Lankan Rupees.
  • Regular cost for lunch (including dessert):
  • 400 – 600 Sri Lanka Rupees.
  • Regular cost for Dinner:
  • 300 – 400 Sri Lankan Rupees.
  • Tuk Tuk Rides:
  • Per kilometer 50 Sri Lankan Rupees.
  • Regular private Bus rides:
  • 8 Sri Lankan Rupees per 2.50 kilometers and the minimum ticket price.

    Top 8 must visit places in sri lanka

    Sri Lanka is a beautiful country surrounded by several amazing art of nature and historical cultures which are quite extraordinary. There are places that no tourist cannot miss.

    Here are some must visit places in Sri Lanka:

    1. Colombo

    Colombo being the capital of Sri Lanka, is a bustling city and a hopping-off point for beaches in the island nation’s south. Take a drive through the city to encounter the bustling commercial regions and at the same time the tree-lined residential, Cinnamon Gardens. But a place you cannot miss is the Galle face green which is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a walk while eating Isso wade (Prawns on top of a mixture fried covered with gravy and onions) in the sunset.

  • Tips when traveling to Colombo:
  • Make sure to be careful with your personal belongings from thieves who are roaming around Colombo.

    2. Kandy city

    The hill city of Kandy is surrounded with magnificent scenery which is perfect for sightseeing and for relaxation. Kandy is also famous for one of the greatest annual spectacle in Sri Lanka, the Esala Perahera Festival in August. Another specialty that Kandy carries is the Elephant orphanage in Pinnawala, definitely worth a visit to this beautiful castle of Elephants.

  • Tips when traveling to Kandy
  • the best method to travel Kandy is by train since you will find many beautiful sights of Sri Lanka which are truly breathtaking.

    3. Nuwara Eliya

    The town known as the “Little England” of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya which has cool calm environment the town will give you the feeling of the colonial culture with red brick houses having fire places, lush green slopes and country house like clubs.

  • Tips when traveling to Nuwara Eliya
  • Taking winter cloths will be helpful since it has a cold climate. Drinking hot tea and hot food will keep you warm even a beer would be good.

    4. Galle

    Situated in the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, Galle is one of the island’s integral cities which has a colorful history and beauty that will make many people speechless. The city of Galle is filled with Dutch- colonial buildings where many people from all parts of the island and the world comes to see. The air is mixed with the wonderful smell of the salty winds and spices which gives an amazing sensation.

  • Tips when travelling to Galle:
  • Visit the Galle national museum to witness some amazing historical artifacts which are being restored.

    5. Sigiriya Rock Fortress

    Sigiriya Rock Fortress of Sri Lanka is situated in Matale region close to Dambulla. It can be reached along Colombo-Habarana expressway by turning towards east from Inamaluwa. Continuing around 10 km from Inamaluwa and passing Kimbissa Township one touches base at Sigiriya.

    Sigiriya is one of the most historical places in Sri Lanka which is a true adventure and any tourists visiting Sri Lanka for the first time should definitely take tour for this magnificent wonder of Asia.

  • Tips when travelling to Sigiriya
  • Take extra water bottles since the temperature in Sigiriya is quite high. Take extra towel which will help you in many ways.

    6. Yala national park

    Situated on the southeast side of Sri Lanka, the Yala National Park is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular wildlife paradises which is filled with leopards, Elephants, monkeys, sloth bears, wild boars and you can see them roaming around the park freely. Specifically the leopard’s density is quite high which quite extraordinary and exciting especially for animal lovers.

    The best times to visit this amazing park is between February and July when the water levels are quite low which means the animals will mostly be gathering around water holes.

  • Tips when travelling to Yala
  • This wonderful park is filled with adventure hence make sure to carry extra water bottles to stay hydrated and be sure to wear shoes to stay disinfected from all kinds of tiny creatures and etc.

    7. Bentota beach

    Situated in the southern coastal line of Sri Lanka, Bentota is a small town which is only 65 Kilometers away from the capital city of Colombo. This beautiful paradise is mostly famous for its breath taking view and for its golden beach. This is one of the best spots in Sri Lanka if you are looking to treat yourself with a lot of relaxation and refreshing views.

  • Tips when travelling to Bentota:
  • Make sure to take a bathing suit and a nice sun cream to relax and spend a leisure time at the beach.

    Travel Tips

    Are you planning to have your own vacation without any assistance? Renting a car is one of the best option since you can go alone on their very own adventure by themselves. Sri Lanka has lot to offer but there are many area that will get you lost or get you confused, hence for this issue you can use the Google maps to find your way through almost anywhere in Sri Lanka.

  • Renting a car for a day or get your own driver
  • a small car would cost around 5000 Sri Lankan Rupees for a day. Deposit 25,000 Rupees more but it will be given back when the car is returned, or you could even hire your own personal vehicle along with a driver which would cost more but worth it if you want to stay away from responsibilities of driving and the vehicle.

    Sri Lankan cuisine

    Sri Lankan cuisine

    One of the best parts of Sri Lanka is the cooking styles and the food that it has to offer. Sri Lanka has many cultural dishes that are quite mouthwatering and many are quite exquisite in taste. Foods in Sri Lanka can be hot or extremely mild or can be differed according to different individuals’ preferences.

    Sri Lankan food is extraordinary for their Culture. Many Sinhala food items are derived from Chena cultivation. The vast majority of the Sri Lankans eat vegetables. With an expansive group of farmers the Rice and curry is the main meal in Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka curries are known for their blazing hot fiery flavors and coconut milk is an exceptionally particular component of Sri Lankan cuisine that different regions of country specialize in different types of dishes.

    Must try dishes:

    Milk Rice , Rice and curry, Sour fish curry (Malu Ambul thiyal), Crab Curry, Achcharu, Hoppers , Isso wade and Koththu Roti.

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