Bespoke Tours


Choose a trip from our private trip collection—best for groups of 2-8, these itineraries can be self guided or locally supported.


Bespoke Tours


Even though the traveling sounds so fun filled and enjoyable, designing your dream tour may not appear so fun and easy. How to pick the best of the best and what matches your interests could leave you in utter misery.

Take the first step

That’s why, our team makes sure, planning your dream vacation will be as easy and enjoyable as the vacation itself is going to be. Take the very first step and draw a rough idea around your favorite interests. Whether it’s a place, an activity or simply a calming get away, your wish will always be granted by our travel expert genies.

Meet the travel experts

These experts are genies, who will make sure that all your travel dreams come true. Also they will add up to your experience and will help you in crafting the best outcome of your holiday. They will assure that no days or money will be wasted and you will get the best custom designed trip all to yourself.

Final touch

Once you have the complete trip design in your hands, next complication comes along deciding on small things. Starting from what you should eat to how you should travel, everything can appear as a puzzle. Not to worry! Our genies will solve them for you. They will pick what is best for you according to your need and to given circumstances.

Get set go

After an exciting session of decision making what is left to do is to ‘start.’ Everything is done and settled as you sit back and enjoy every piece of magic designed only for your happiness.